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What we do:  Insight People Solutions provides executives and managers with the vital data needed to make better decisions about their people.  Our data is scientifically proven, comprehensive, and in-depth, enabling companies to strategically and effectively develop their people to achieve their maximum potential.

How we do it:  First, we sit and listen to you. Second, we ask questions so we have a complete understanding of your most important issues, concerns, and problems. Next, with a mutual vision of what things would look like if the problems were fixed, we offer you recommendations for solutions that will not only fix your people problems but improve your productivity, and improve your top and bottom lines.

An overview of our science provides a complete analysis of a person core attributes, values, and natural gifts, we capture the “total person” and their thinking style, behavioral traits, and occupational interest.  With the use of our comprehensive customized job match patterns, we provide you with a cost effective solution in placing the right people in the right job.


Why use us:  Our business management solutions are designed for executives, managers and human resource professionals, who want to not only select the right employee for the job, but retain them, enhance their performance, and build their leadership skills.

In today’s business environment successful companies identify their target customers, the time has come to use science, technology, and data to identify your target employees.

Our methods provide many benefits with an immediate financial Return on Investment.

Some of the many benefits are:

  • Increases productivity
  • Increases sales & profits
  • Reduces and avoids unnecessary cost
  • Retain and develop top performers
  • Improves employee engagement
  • Provides key information for better management decisions
  • Reduces turnover & absenteeism
  • Provides strategic data for effective training
  • Reduces theft, fraud, and loss of confidential information
  • Reduces legal issues and fees

In addition, our online state of the art assessment center offers you online human resource software capabilities with instant results in a user-friendly system.


Solutions we provide: We offer a complete suite of assessment tools for all areas of business such as; performance management, sales performance, customer service, team building, workforce compatibility, screening & selection, leadership development, and workplace engagement to name a few.

We have tools for:

  • Pre employment screening including integrity, work ethic and reliability
  • Pre employment background checks
  • Recruitment, screening, selection, training, coaching & development
  • Top performing sales teams and sales training
  • Customer service training, skill development and selection
  • Employee engagement
  • Team building and analysis
  • Managerial fit analysis
  • Organizational 360 degree evaluation & analysis


Information we provide: In times like this when we are all asked to do more with less, we provide you with key information to make better management decisions, resulting in significant financial benefits. The more you know about your people, the better you can impact your top and bottom lines.

We are able to provide you with:

  • Pre-hire screening & selection reports
  • Candidate specific interview questions
  • Job description analysis
  • Effective and reliable job match patterns
  • Recommendations to improve productivity
  • Customized coaching & training reports
  • Strategic analysis feedback reports
  • Summary of benefits and the Return on Investment
  • Continuous client services to keep your goals on track


What does it cost: In the end, absolutely nothing! The facts are our solutions bring money into your company! Our solutions are proven to not only reduce your cost but to avoid unnecessary future cost. Combined with the increased productivity of your people, increased sales, and the retention and development of top performers, this becomes a need your company shouldn’t do without. Not only is it a sound financial investment for your company, in today’s environment it’s a strategy you can’t afford not to do!

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