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Insight People Solutions Adds the Market’s Newest Selection Assessment, PXT Select to Business Offering

Posted by Tom Schaul on March 31, 2017.

Park Ridge, IL – March 2017 – Insight People Solutions, adds innovative new selection assessment PXT Select™ to their business offering.  The new hiring assessment empowers organizations to navigate the competitive talent landscape with confidence and ease. “We are proud to partner with Insight People Solutions to bring this new assessment to market”, said Scott […]

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eSkill – Skills Assessments

Posted by Tom Schaul on September 2, 2014.

eSkill provides online skills assessments to help you appraise the skills and knowledge of job candidates and current employees. Their test content is created and refined by subject matter experts to provide a predictive evaluation of competency levels.

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Profiles Sales CheckPoint

Posted by Tom Schaul on June 17, 2014.

Profiles Sales CheckPoint™ helps you precisely target developmental needs, enable more effective coaching and communication, align sales priorities, and improve productivity and retention.

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Pathway Planner

Posted by Tom Schaul on June 17, 2014.

Pathway Planner™ is an in-depth planning and personal assessment you can use as an educational and career planning tool to discover which career possibilities best suit you.

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Step One Survey

Posted by Tom Schaul on May 17, 2014.

Our Step One Survey II® (SOSII) is a brief pre-hire assessment that measures an individual’s basic work-related values. It is used primarily as a screening tool early in the candidate selection process and provides valid insight into an applicant’s work ethic.

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Checkpoint 360

Posted by Tom Schaul on May 15, 2014.

The CheckPoint Management System is a 360-degree assessment. It is used primarily to evaluate the effectiveness of your managers and leaders, and helps them identify and prioritize their own development opportunities.

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Profiles Sales Assessment

Posted by Tom Schaul on May 9, 2014.

The Profiles Sales Assessment™ (PSA) measures how well a person fits specific sales jobs in your organization. It is used primarily for selecting, on-boarding and managing sales people and account managers.

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Customer Service Profile

Posted by Tom Schaul on May 8, 2014.

The Customer Service Profile™ (CSP) measures how well a person fits specific customer service jobs in your organization. It is used primarily for selecting, onboarding, and managing customer service employees.

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Profiles Performance Indicator

Posted by Tom Schaul on May 6, 2014.

The Profiles Performance Indicator™ is a DISC-type assessment that reveals aspects of an individual’s personality that could impact their fit with their manager, coworkers, and team as well as their job performance.

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Profiles Managerial Fit

Posted by Tom Schaul on May 5, 2014.

Profiles Managerial Fit™ (PMF) measures critical aspects of compatibility between a manager and their employees. This report offers an in-depth look at one’s approach to learning and six critical dimensions of compatibility with their manager.

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Workplace Engagement Survey

Posted by Tom Schaul on May 3, 2014.

Our Workplace Engagement Survey™ (WES) measures the degree to which your employees connect with their work and feel committed to the organization and its goals.

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Employee Background Checks

Posted by Tom Schaul on May 1, 2014.

We provide comprehensive employee background checks for our clients. These include: Consumer Credit Reports, Criminal History Record, Drivers’ History Report (DMV), Education Verification, Employment History Verification and more.

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