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In doing the job analysis study and assessing what we currently had in place, it was pretty clear that we had some wrong people in customer service. Once we fixed that, with a clear vision and expectation of what we needed to do to keep our customers happy, we had a lot less complaints coming from our client services.

— Gary Z.  |  Fort Wayne, IN


I found that in doing our job analysis study that we had some disconnect amongst our people with our core values. Having done that study we were able to dial in to a cohesive strategic plan that in the end cleared up a lot of our issues, and reduced our costly turnover.

— Bill K.  |  Syracuse, NY


Assessments proved to be an invaluable tool for us in creating a dynamic team. We find them to be a vital tool in our tool box. One that should be used not only in the hiring process, but in any training and development initiatives.

— Nancy W.  |  Chicago, IL


By identifying what traits our top performers had and creating a performance model to benchmark other performers, we were able to not only identify new top performers, but raise the bar for some of those that weren’t. The coaching and training reports showed us where to target our training to improve and develop some key skill sets that weren’t where they could or should be.

— William H.  |  Wood Dale, IL


Being in a cash business, we find that the Step One Survey really helps us weed out the bad apples.

— Kimberly J.  |  Lisle, IL