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Tom Schaul

President, Insight People Solutions

Tom Schaul brings 25 years of business ownership and management experience to the forefront in assisting other business owners and executives with securing their human capital investment by enhancing their talent management processes.

Being a former business owner Tom has experience and expertise in many areas of business, including Administration, Management, Sales, Marketing, Product Development, Operations, Procurement, and Logistics.

Having experience in all facets of business, Tom understands the challenges businesses face in not only selecting, and developing the right people, for the right positions, but the financial implication it has to a business.

In today’s business environment successful companies identify their target customers, the time has come to use science, technology, and data to identify and target key employees.

It’s is no longer a question of can a company afford to do it – it’s now something that companies can’t afford not to do!

  • Have you ever considered what the true cost and impact is of a wrong hire doing the wrong job?
  • Have you ever considered what the impact would be to your business if you had more top performers?

The economic answer to both of those statements is, it’s much more than you think!

Our Credibility

Insight People Solutions is a strategic partner with Profiles International. Profiles International, with offices in over 70 countries, is the industry leader in the research and development of comprehensive and validated assessment tools.